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Technique-Based Hair Extension Academy
We teach you in all of the best techniques in our hair extension workshops in Denver, including; Fusion/ Ultra Fusion, Tape-in, Beaded-weave, and Micro-link. This enables you to provide the best hair extension options for your clients, which means more and happier customers who stop asking “how much”? They will love you for it and rave about you and your business! You get to work smarter, not harder while growing your loyal clientele.

Remember, it cost 5 times as much to acquire a new client than it takes to retain current clients. When you put your clients first they recognize you as the hair extension expert, as a result your repeat and referral business grows faster!


Details of Our Technique-based Hair Extension Course
During our 2-day The Method of Extensions class, you will gain advanced knowledge of the following hair extension types:
Micro Link

This technique employs no glue, no adhesives, and no tape, and as such allows for damage free application.  It is fast to install and maintain, and is the most comfortable and most versatile method for a variety of hair styles and lifestyles.

Beaded Weave

The beaded weave is a type of track style of extension, with the use of hand-tied wefts to create the most natural look of any hair extension style. This method is great for those with wants of longer hair from a shorter length. Ie. a bob to chest length hair.

Fusion/ Ultra Fusion
This method, often compared to Great Lengths methods, employs the use of keratin bonds that are warmed and melted, then bonded to the hair.  Can be used for those with thinning and balding hair lines.
Using keratin based adhesive on small wefts of hair, tape-in extensions are great for blending short to long hair and for fine-haired clients. This technique is quick to apply and requires only moderate maintenance. Great quick add-on service for pops of color or volume.